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"Collin County Drivers and Taxpayers may get needed Relief from North Texas Tollway Tolls"

Texas House of Representative Matt Shaheen, filed House Bill 1734, on behalf of Collin County drivers and taxpayers. The bill requires toll road entities such as the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) to relinquish tolled highways to the state highway system and remove any tolls once the toll revenue bonds for the projects are paid in full. Speaking to Collin County drivers, Representative Shaheen said, “HB 1734 returns tolling to its traditional purpose: a temporary funding mechanism that is removed once the roads are fully paid-off. We cannot allow the toll fees for roads we use every day to become a de facto tax into perpetuity.” The bill would also prohibit tolling entities from altering any finance agreements in a way that would extend the amount of time until full payment.

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