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Legal Plans Overview: Find the Right Legal Plan for You

With a Lawyerblast®️ legal services subscription plan, individuals, families, and small businesses can access our firm lawyers for legal matters at a fraction of typical hourly rates.

For the cost of hiring a lawyer for just two hours, you can have access to an entire law firm for a year. Say goodbye to hourly legal fees of $200 or more. Instead, get help on an unlimited number of legal issues for a small subscription rate.

From legal advice to drafting documents and representation, Lawyerblast®️ has you covered for less. Simplify common legal issues, get support when unexpected challenges arise, and ensure you’re protected and prepared. Let us focus on the law—so you can focus on your life.

OUR WHY:  We started as a traditional civil litigation firm, but we expanded to offer legal services subscriptions to ensure everyone has access to legal assistance, regardless of their economic situation. Our mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive legal support to all, empowering individuals, families, and businesses to navigate legal matters with confidence and ease. 

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