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Checks & Skip Tracing

To promote the safest and most secure environment possible, you are strongly encouraged to screen all employees and volunteers, both new and existing, especially personnel who interact with children, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations served by your organization.   As volunteers and employees gain tenure within an organization, a greater amount of trust is placed in the individual, resulting in greater access to any vulnerable people served by the organization as well as its valuable financial assets.  This trust provides opportunities for physical harm and misappropriation. 

Don't be caught in the dark.  Call us today (800) 764-9502 or complete our online form for a complete background screening based on your organizations needs.  

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Sex Offender Registry Checks (State & National)

  • Social Security Number Verification (SSNV)

  • Credit Reports

  • Motor Vehicle Reports

  • Education Verifications

  • Employment Verifications

Not screening volunteers and employees puts minors and other vulnerable populations at physical risk, and your organization at financial and legal risk,  should an undesirable employee or volunteer related event occur.

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